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Self-Sabotage Isn't Real: Trauma and Your Survival Instincts

Have you ever felt like you're your own worst enemy? Struggling with self-sabotage and wondering why you keep holding yourself back? What if I told you that self-sabotage isn't what we think it is, and there's a deeper explanation behind your actions? In this video we talk about the concept of self-sabotage and reveal how it's actually a survival instinct rooted in unresolved trauma. Discover why your mind and body are working to protect you, even if it feels like you're getting in your own way.

00:00 - Introduction: Redefining Self-Sabotage
00:15 - Common Self-Sabotage Stories
00:40 - Snake Bite Analogy
01:00 - The Role of the Tourniquet
01:15 - Trauma and Our Survival Instincts
01:50- Healing and Letting Go

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