NAP 101 - Get to Know the Basics of The New Agreement Process

Start applying this powerful healing technique in your own life!


The New Agreement Process is a simple “repeat after me” process that tracks trauma back to its roots. It’s a multifaceted, interdisciplinary healing experience that leads to lasting change and rapid transformation.


Upcoming NAP 101 Workshops

** For those who wish to learn more about integrating NAP into their practice or business, there will be an opportunity to stay after the call for a 30 minute discussion about the NAP Practitioner Training.



We are so excited to have you here for the NAP 101 class!

If you’re here, you’re already interested in healing yourself and the possibility of helping other people easily, gently, and without the danger of re-activating old trauma.

The beauty of NAP is that you can jump in to it wherever you are. If you’d like a simple way to work on things that are bothering you, you can start there. If you’ve already done work on yourself and are looking for something that can help you with those stuck pieces or the pieces that remain buried, you can start there. It allows your system to access old, deep-seated issues from wherever YOU are comfortable. 

Why NAP?


Our clients regularly use NAP to deal with anxiety, to clear old childhood patterns, to help with relationship issues, addictive behaviours, to release emotions that make it difficult to navigate situations, to let go of attachment to opinions, feelings, and beliefs that no longer serve them, and to generally feel calmer, lighter, and freer, no matter what the issue is!


Once you learn the basic technique with this workshop, you’ll be able to use it any time you want to deal with any situation that has you feeling uncomfortable, stuck, emotional, out of control, or just when you feel like a situation is running you, not the other way around. People use NAP to start their day, to wind down and sleep, in the middle of meetings and arguments, and while waiting in line! 


NAP can help you no matter what your comfort level is with self work, and the work can deepen at your pace. 


We’d love for you to join the people who are using NAP to help themselves at home, at work, with their families, friends, and partners. 


Curious to learn more?


The next NAP Practitioner training begins May 2024!