Welcome to the New Agreement Process (NAP)

Integrate this gentle, easy-to-use healing practice into your life


The New Agreement Process is a simple “repeat after me” process that tracks trauma back to its roots. It’s a multifaceted, interdisciplinary healing experience that leads to lasting change and rapid transformation.


Transcend time with this fast and gentle practice.

  • Get to the root of deep-seated issues and shift your perspective in a matter of minutes.
  • Increase your ability to thoroughly assist patients/clients in all aspects of their healing, with greater sensitivity and awarenes
  • Discover a powerful and effective technique to use when you just don’t know the right way in for your client
  • Add a layer to your current practice to help people feel better faster, and to clear patterns in a deep and lasting way
  • Change your mind, change your life.

What are the benefits of NAP?


  • A sense of calm and liberation (no matter what the issue was or where it originated)
  • Feeling more free, lighter and unattached 
  • Relief from anxiety
  • Relief from attachments to previous opinions, feelings and beliefs, etc.
  • Sleeping well (sometimes for the first time in years!)
  • Breaking addiction and stopping the use of substances
  • Clearing old childhood patterns
  • Stepping into choices that reflect the best version of who you are

How does NAP work?

The New Agreement Process is a tactical integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the essential concepts of nervous system healing. 


NAP picks up threads of these essential healing practices, making some fundamental changes for a more gentle, potent, and powerful approach.

 The wording, intention, and structure are designed to access a present trigger as well as previous instances and tap into original related trauma. 

It’s like gently tugging on a string of pearls, or tugging on a colored scarf in a magician’s sleeve. You don’t need to know how many scarves back the original scarf is, how they’re tied together, or what color they all are: you just gently tug and keep tugging until they’re all pulled out of the sleeve. 


This kind of healing work allows us to remain wholly ourselves while letting go of those changes that have traumatized us. We get to keep the lesson without having to relive it over and over and over again.

- Colleen Robinson, Founder of NAP


Pop-Up NAP

Receive the benefits of NAP in a group setting

Join our monthly Pop-Up NAP sessions to receive the benefits of this gentle and effective healing modality right away!

  • Clear away old patterns, beliefs and behaviours with a simple "repeat after me" process
  • Be part of a community of people looking to move from surviving to thriving

NAP 101 | The Foundations of NAP

Learn the foundations & start applying

  • This 3-hour class will give you some background about NAP and the technique it borrows from (The Black Belt Mind), the basics of how to do it, and a word for word script so you don’t have to guess.
  • Offered online and in-person

The NAP Practitioner Training

Become a Certified NAP Practitioner

This 7-week Practitioner Training is designed to give you the information, hands on experience and experiential learning to:

  • Increase your ability to thoroughly assist patients/clients in all aspects of their healing, with greater sensitivity and awareness
  • Discover a powerful and effective technique to use when you just don’t know the right way in for your client
  • Add a layer to your current practice, to help people feel better faster and clear patterns in a deep and lasting way

Colleen Robinson

TCM.P., R.Ac., R.H., MA

Humans, healing, health, happiness (and humor!) have always fascinated Colleen. 

Her background and practice as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine have allowed her time to focus on pattern recognition, individuality, and the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. Her work with “energy medicine” techniques and the creation of YIM: Your Integral Medicine has given her insight into how much capacity people have, how complex they are, and how much goodness they have. 


Her work with Dana and his all-embracing compass and personal guidance system of The Black Belt Mind has allowed her to recognize each person’s innate sense of knowingness and capacity to truly walk the path of being a better person every day, every choice, every moment. 

Through the years she has TA’d for University English Literature courses (the perfect source for examining human behaviour), studied various forms of religion and spirituality (an amazing way to realize how connected and alike we all are), and studied more “alphabet techniques” than any sensible human would. 

"NAP feels like the solution to all the problems I didn't know I had"

- S.R

"I don't know if I would be able to pull these things out of my head without NAP"

- B.R

"I feel like someone understands, and I'm heard. And there's a way out."

- R.P

"The issue with NAP is is that it works. And then you forget you had the issue! 2 months ago this was a super fucking big deal and then I forgot about it until you mentioned it right now.”  - MC, Vancouver

How was NAP developed?

Developed from a powerful combination of intuitive capacity and integral medicine practices, NAP is rooted in the “Triple A” process from The Black Belt Mind, and enriched with Colleen’s knowledge and experience to clear blocks and facilitate healing on all levels, at all times.

Everyone has an innate sense of knowing and holds the capacity to truly walk the path of being a better person every day, every choice, every moment.

- Colleen Robinson, Founder of NAP

How is NAP different from similar modalities?

Many techniques choose to access and activate stored trauma or anxiety in order to shift it. Beautifully effective techniques like EMDR and talk therapy do that, and do it well. 


However, some people can become overly triggered by the activation of stored trauma, so practitioners are required to work through triggers slowly in order to get to the root cause.


Also, if there is an aspect of inherited trauma, the person may not know enough about the trauma to clear it, or may not know about it at all.


In contrast, NAP is a holistic process. 


It’s like every “issue” is a circle that you can enter into at any point, and any one point works as a way in. 


Because it focuses on the innate mechanism in your psyche that allows you to RECONNECT TO YOUR OWN POWER OF CHOICE, you don’t have to worry about selecting the “exact right” way in. 


Every reasonable way in will lead to a different aspect, and the individual’s entire state of being is changed and cleared as a result.

NAP leverages the following modalities including:

Working with The Nervous System


Acknowledging the Amygdala

The amygdala helps people process emotions, particularly those involved in survival. It also connects those emotions to memories, learning, and interpreting social cues.  

The amygdala’s primary role is to help us SURVIVE. It attaches trauma to the stimulus it believes is the problem (whether or not it is), and responds by creating coping techniques that become filed as an “automatic response.” Sometimes, we stop responding and simply react: in fear, anger, anxiety, and more. 


Understanding Fight, Flight, Freeze

The human nervous system seeks survival through fight or flight (preparing to fight to survive if we have to and to flee if we can) or freeze (in hopes of becoming less of a target).

These are beautiful, life-saving reactions. AND - there are also moments when something elicits a fight reaction “for no reason”, due to stored trauma. Although these are essential survival responses…if they are no longer situationally appropriate, we also deserve to let them go.


Appreciating Anxiety

Anxiety is a beautiful reaction the human nervous system chooses to keep us alive. If we are in a perceived state of danger, the nervous system flies to our rescue. 

Once you survive, the nervous system will then slip into an anxiety state. Until you are absolutely 100% safe, your body will store all of the stress chemicals and responses in case you need them again.

We also store memories of old traumas so we can recognize similar dangerous things (or at least perceived as dangerous) in the future. This means that until you take the time to clear old trauma, stress, and anxiety triggers, your system will bring them up again. And again. And again…


Working with Ancestral Qi / Inherited Trauma

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been saying for thousands of years that we inherit part of our Qi, part of what drives us and makes us who we are, from our parents. Angry parent? You can inherit that. Fear of snakes? Absolutely.  

The beauty about Ancestral Qi is that things that can be “turned on” and this inherited trauma (or epigenetic changes) can also be “turned off” if we know how.