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Exploring the Depths: Conscious vs. Inherited Trauma

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📍 There are traumas we consciously know about and ones inherited through ancestral Qi and epigenetics. Is one worse than the other? Join us as we explore the nuances of conscious versus inherited trauma and their profound impacts on our lives. #Trauma #Consciousness #Epigenetics

💡 Discover the difference between the trauma you're aware of, with its tangible effects on your day-to-day life, and the hidden layers of inherited trauma that may silently shape your existence without conscious recognition. Gain insights into the complexities of emotional resonance and physical manifestations of trauma, from familiar anxieties to unexplained pains. #Awareness #EmotionalHealth #PhysicalHealth 

🔍 Contrary to common belief, there's no hierarchy of trauma. Both types carry significant weight and influence, waiting to be acknowledged and processed for holistic healing. Learn how the New Agreement Process (NAP) offers a unique approach to addressing both conscious and inherited trauma simultaneously, empowering you to start your healing journey from wherever you are. #Healing #NewAgreementProcess #SelfDiscovery 

🌱 Whether you're navigating personal traumas or unraveling the mysteries of ancestral wounds, this video provides insights and encouragement to embark on your path to healing. Begin your journey today, because you deserve to feel better. #SelfCare #SelfEmpowerment #WellnessJourney Hit play now and start your transformational journey towards wholeness. #TraumaHealing #PersonalGrowth #spiritualjourney 

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