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Unlocking the Power of Trauma: How Your Body Uses It for Survival

In this video, we briefly touch on the complex world of trauma and its unexpected benefits. Discover how our nervous systems leverage trauma to help us survive and evolve. We explore the science of epigenetics and how trauma can flip switches in our DNA, leading to changes in behaviors and bodies. Learn how these switches work, why they matter, and how you can work with them to process trauma effectively.

0:00 - The Role of Trauma in Evolution and Survival
0:35 - How Our Nervous Systems Utilize Trauma
1:00 - Intro to Epigenetics: Flipping DNA Switches
2:00 - Impact of Trauma on Epigenetic Switches
2:20 - Behavioral and Physical Changes from Epigenetic Switches
3:30 - Reversing Changes Caused by Trauma
4:00 - The Importance of Processing Trauma
5:10 - Conclusion: The Rewards of this Work

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