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Mind-Blowing Epigenetics: How Traumas Are Passed Down Through Generations

Dive into the fascinating world of inherited trauma and epigenetics in our latest video! Discover how trauma can be passed down through generations and how our new NAP (New Agreement Processing) training can help you address and heal these inherited patterns. We share a brief explanation of the science behind epigenetic switches, the survival mechanisms of mammals, and interesting studies that reveal how trauma is encoded in our DNA. Join us as we explore how Chinese medicine has known this for thousands of years, and how modern science is finally catching up!

0:00 - Introduction: Inherited Trauma and New NAP Training
0:15 - Chinese Medicine and Inherited Traits
0:35 - Science and Epigenetics: A Modern Perspective
1:00 - Why We Might Inherit Trauma
2:00 - The Role of Epigenetic Switches
3:00 - Implications of Inherited Trauma
3:30 - Addressing Inherited Trauma with NAP
4:00 - The Benefits of New NAP Techniques

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