$125.00 CAD

HEALTHY DATING & RELATING COMMUNICATION CLASS (Next class is in the fall! Stay tuned!)

NEXT CLASS coming in the fall! Stay tuned! 

Normal Price $125 per person

Who is this for?

  • Singles
  • Recently single
  • Relationship with others - family, friends, colleagues, conscious communication
  • Anyone ready to have a new relationship that doesn’t mirror the negative aspects of your old ones

You don't have to be stuck with the same hesitation, anxiety, and wondering if things could be better (with your friends, family, first dates, 10th dates) if you only knew how to talk to them. Learn 'rules' you can customize and make your own. There are simple, repeatable, straightforward ways you can make ALL of your conversations easier and more productive. 

Want some personalized feedback from Dana & Colleen? Want to find out more in-depth info on how to take what worked to the next level, and how to adjust what didn't work like you thought it would? Sign up for the Zoom Integration Calls and get your questions answered and find out how to take things to the next level! 

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