$100.00 CAD

NAP 101 | The Foundations (IN PERSON August 2024 date TBA)

This 3 hour live class will give you some background about NAP and the technique it borrows from The Black Belt Mind, the basics of how to do it, and a word for word script so you don’t have to guess. 

August 2024 dateTBA

Class location TBA in Vancouver / Burnaby area.

Why NAP?

  • Heal yourself & help other people easily, gently, and without the danger of re-activating old trauma.

  • Deal with anxiety, clear old childhood patterns, help with relationship issues, address addictive behaviours, and release emotions that make it difficult to navigate situations.

  • Let go of attachment to opinions, feelings, and beliefs that no longer serve.

  • Generally feel calmer, lighter, and freer, no matter what the issue. 

** For those who wish to learn more about integrating NAP into their practice or business, there will be an opportunity to stay after the call for a 30 minute discussion about the NAP Practitioner Training.

NAP 101 is a pre-requisite for the NAP Practitioner Training - those signing up for the Practitioner Training will receive access to NAP 101.

Learn more about the NAP Practitioner Training here.

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